Looking Forward

What are you planning for 2019?

How was 2018 for you? Can you look back and see a year filled with activities that you are proud of? Did you grow in your work and your play? Did you strengthen your relationships with your friends and make new friends? Did you care for your body by exercising, eating a healthy diet most of the time, and getting your regular checkup? Did you feed your soul with spiritual food such as the Bible and clean books, television shows, and movies? I tried to do these things, and I must admit, I did better in some than in others. You probably did, too. All that means is that we have something to strive for in 2019.

What accomplishments did you have that made you proud? I can name a few of mine. I finished writing the first draft of the first book in my new series Heart of A Family. I published the third book, Finding Her Heart, last September. After taking a hard look at it, I decided that it needed a prequel and maybe two prequels. If God wills, I believe there will be a sequel.

I have lived in Denver over eight years, and yet I did not feel close to many of my spiritual sisters at church. I began attending our Ladies Bible Class and developed new friendships. They have made my life richer and fuller.

In spite of having only a half hour to read each day and being a wife, mother, and grandmother, I have read twenty books. They include biographies, spiritual books that offer biblical guidance, how-to books, and several novels. I read blogs that teach about writing and marketing books. I took two online courses to learn how to be a better writer.

I try to eat healthy foods most of the time, but I must admit, I do not get enough exercise. That is one area where I hope to improve in 2019. I hope to start a walking routine once the weather gets better.

What about you? What 2018 accomplishments are you proud of ? What are your goals for 2019? Go ahead, boast a little, and let me know.       

Author: drwittlif

Donna Wittlif has a Master's Degree in special education and has taught students with Asperger Syndrome. She and her husband live in Colorado. They enjoy writing, reading, studying and teaching the Bible, gardening, and keeping up with their grandchildren

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