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Welcome to my website. I love writing stories that tell how God can change people’s lives. Most of us have problems–loneliness, disabilities, crime, and poverty, just for starters. Sin is the greatest challenge we all face. My books show how God comes to the rescue for us no matter what our problems are.

Finding Her Heart Is Here!

Only true love can help Allison conquer her Asperger’s Syndrome and loneliness. Can she find it?

Allison is a talented artist, but she has no friends. The school psychologist diagnoses her with Asperger Syndrome. All she wants is to be understood and loved, but her life is a mess. Then she meets David, and his blue eyes and kind smile capture her heart. David, who makes her world seem so much bigger. David, who says he loves her. But does he? Or will a terrible secret concealed in this strange man’s past dash her hopes of finding true love forever? She risks everything to find out the truth and to gain love.

A Christian romance for adult and young adult readers. A must-read for anyone who has ever been lonely.

“I received Finding Her Heart at noon and started reading. I finished it after midnight. I couldn’t put it down.” Helen from Florida.

“This book hit home with me. I’m telling all my friends about it.” Jeanie from Colorado.

“I related to Allison from the beginning of the book. The characters are so true to life.” Debbie from West Virginia.

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